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Immerse yourself in a virtual deep dive. Explore long lost shipwrecks like you were actually there.

It’s a deep-sea adventure

It takes more than just luck to find deep-ocean treasure. Learn about the sophisticated technology used to discover and share long lost time capsules of the sea.

A replica of the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) ZEUS with a working manipulator arm attempting to pick up coins. A separate ROV operator’s station on the second floor allows you to try your hand at treasure recovery the same way the experts do – remotely!

Virtual Reality Experience where you can “fly” with ZEUS to previously unreachable depths to explore shipwreck sites.

The Photomosaic Interactive is a multi-screen image of the SS Republic wreck site made up of thousands of individual images taken prior to the recovery of any artifacts. Using a trackball, you can zoom in and locate coins, artifacts and sections of the ship just as it looked after 140 years on the sea floor.