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Ahoy there matey! Say hello to the REAL pirates of the Caribbean!

Pirate Encounter

During the Golden Age of Piracy, St. Thomas was considered one of the top three pirate lairs in the Caribbean. You’ll start your journey learning about pirates around the world and see real artifacts recovered from a Barbary Pirate shipwreck. Meet some of the most famous pirates of the Caribbean before focusing on pirate lore, legend and true stories of piracy and pirate’s treasure in the Virgin Islands, including St. Thomas’s most famous pirate, Jean Hamlin. After escaping from their burning pirate ship in the St. Thomas Harbor, many of Hamlin’s men stayed on St. Thomas and legend has it that they took cover near the St. Peter Greathouse.

Explore Key Artifacts & Interactive Experiences

  • Authentic artifact display includes cannon balls, lead shot, navigational tools, personal items and pottery.
  • A replica weapons display showcases various swords and guns favored by pirates.
  • The Build-A-Buc Interactive engages guests by taking their photo and then letting them virtually chose from various pirate dress and accessories.
  • The Knots to Know Wall is a hands-on interactive that teaches visitors to tie different types of sailing knots.
  • Pirate Memory Match is a game that uses pirate images and treasure to challenge your memory.
  • Kids and adults alike can climb onto the Poop Deck and command a pirate ship or look for pirate prey. The perfect setting for a photo op!
  • Experience pirate punishment inside The Brig or just act out the jail scene from Pirates of the Caribbean for your own social media video post.