The Story: The Isla de Muerto (Island of The Dead) coins are some of the only true pirate coins. These coins came from a Spanish Armada ship, the Santa Maria de la Consolación, that sank in 1681 near Guayaquil Ecuador. Pirate Bartholomew Sharpe and his crew spotted the ship and immediately made it their mission to take her over when they noticed the vast amount of treasure on board. Unwilling to allow plunder, the crew on the Consolación decided to purposefully wreck the ship and set her on fire. They say the island is called the island of the dead because it looks like a dead man lying on his back, but others say it was because the enraged pirates went on to behead the crew on the Consolación. Found 316 years later so that you can take home a piece of real pirate history. Starting at $495.